How it all began


It seemed like once I turned 30 someone flipped a switch and it started taking me a lot longer to recover from my workouts. It didn’t matter if it was a hard run, a long bike ride, or an intense squat session; I was more sore than I used to be for the next few days and the performance drop-off was significant. Being right around the same age, my wife (Katina) was experiencing the same thing. So we started doing some research into ways to speed the recovery process. Most of the options were impractical, inconvenient or impossible. Sure, I’d love to get more sleep, but that’s hard with a career and 2 kids. Sure, I’d love to eat more, but trust me when I say that I don’t need any extra calories. Sure, I’d love to take an ice bath every night (not really), but that’s not practical. The one thing that I kept hearing mentioned over and over by coaches and athletes and scientists was compression apparel, so I figured I’d give it a shot.


Fast forward a few weeks and there I am standing in a specialty running store staring in disbelief when I started looking at price tags. I looked over and my wife had the same look on her face. It was then and there that we decided there must be a better way to do this.


We started doing research, working with designers, web developers, finding someone who could produce our products to our specifications and eventually took the plunge with Katina quitting her job to make an honest effort at creating something special. In January of 2011 we launched our original brand, Spun Performance Apparel (check the reviews out there, they’re great!). We had a full line of compression apparel: pants, shorts, long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve shirts, and socks. Our customers loved our products and we sold them at a very fair price.  We made customer service paramount and never settled for anyone having anything less than a great experience.


One night we were talking to one of our business advisors and the question came up where he asked “what’s your best product, don’t think about, just answer the first thing that comes to mind.” We both looked at each other and said “Compression Socks!” in unison. It felt all or other products were just another “me-too” type of product. They didn’t stand out, they didn’t have any “wow-factor,” just another pair of compression pants….


But our socks on the other hand…. world-class if you ask me. So again, we decided to take the leap, clear out all of the Spun Performance Apparel branded compression stuff and start from scratch with a new brand, new logo, new colors. LightSpeed Compression was born from our experience making the best damn compression socks you can find, and doing it at a fair price. Hopefully you’ve heard about us and our story and that’s why you’re here.

If you want to check out our quality, but aren’t ready to spend $49 for a pair, check out the closeout section and pick up a pair of the original Spun socks for $15.  We’re clearing them out on eBay (white, green, grey, pink). Same quality, same fabric, same technology, just a matter of out with the old and in with the new (limited colors, sizes and quantities available).

Thank you for your support of a family business, a small business, an American business. We are here to answer any questions you may have. If you’re not sure of sizing or want to see our products in person before buying, check out your local running, cycling, triathlon specialty store. If they don’t have them now, we hope they will soon.


Greg and Katina Light